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High-speed Internet connectivity for tenants


Most people today access the Internet via slow dial-up connections, but would readily purchase a faster connection if they could afford it. KellyNet makes available high-speed Internet access to apartment management and their tenants.

This service is provided at no charge to apartment management. Apartment buildings are wired for network access, a server is installed in the telephone wiring closet which enables Internet connection sharing, and a DSL connection is procured from a local provider. Tenants who elect to sign up for accounts with KellyNet are charged a low fee which is comparable to their regular dialup ISP bill, and are able to surf the web at broadband speeds. On-site management offices are provided with complimentary Internet access, should management desire.

KellyNet provides 24/7 monitoring of the network, along with tech support during reasonable working hours for tenants and management. All technical issues relating to the network are handled by KellyNet. This includes help-desk calls, outages, etc. Additionally, KellyNet takes steps to protect the network from malicious traffic such as worms, viruses, "hackers", and the like.

KellyNet also handles all tenant accounts and billing. Apartment management is responsible only for informing tenants of the availability of high-speed Internet access. Management receives a monthly commission based on the number of tenants using the apartment network.

Example scenario and cost/profit analysis:

This scenario assumes 20 tenant units accessing the Internet via the apartment network. Tenants are charged $25 per month for connectivity. Property management incurs no charges.

Installation charges
Building wiring fee:
Tenant connection charge:
No charge.

Monthly charges
DSL line
KellyNet commission
$100 (note: price may vary)

Technical support fees, as needed
On-site tech support (outages, etc.) $25 per incident if related to tenant's PC, chargeable to tenant.

No charge if problem resides in the network or with the DSL provider.

Monthly profits
Gross receipts
Less expenses (DSL charges and KellyNet commission)
Net profit, paid monthly to property management