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High-speed Internet connectivity for guests


Business travelers view Internet access as a "must" these days. KellyNet provides hotels the ability to offer high-speed Internet connectivity (DSL or broadband) to hotel guests. We offer a no-hassle, plug-n-play package for hotel operators.

KellyNet is in the Internet business, while the hotel is in the hotel business. KellyNet handles all of the technical aspects of providing Internet access to guests, such as installation, security, usage accounting, user problems, etc., leaving the hotel free to concentrate on their end of the hotel business.

KellyNet takes care of all user-related issues by maintaining 24/7 telephone tech support for guests and staff. In addition, our service includes a basic in-hotel web site as a guest convenience, with information on local restaurants, attractions, weather, a message board, and other useful services.

Example scenario and cost/profit analysis:

This scenario assumes 5 guest rooms wired for Internet access. Guests are charged $10 per night. Internet-enabled rooms are further assumed to be 100% filled 5 nights per week (M-F).

Installation charges
5 guest rooms wired for access
staff areas wired for access (front desk, manager, etc.)
DSL line installation
Server and all associated networking hardware

Monthly charges
DSL line
KellyNet commission

$250 (25% of guest rate)

Additional fees, if any
On-site tech support (outages, etc.) $100 per incident

Monthly profits
Gross receipts
Less expenses
Net profit

In this example, the hotel's initial investment of $1900 is paid for in the first 3 months of operation, leaving the hotel with $650 per month profit thereafter. This is equivalent to two additional guest stays per week, for example.

Additional guest rooms are easily added as needed; the only cost for adding rooms is the charge to run networking cable to the additional rooms, up to 23 rooms. Each added block of 23 rooms requires a separate switch, at additional cost.


* These charges are based on an electrician's fee of $100 per cabling "drop". This price may vary, depending upon building construction materials (sheet rock, brick, wood, etc.), worker access, etc..