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11/13/2008 - back issues

Next meeting:
To be announced
New Mission Baptist Church Sanctified
New Orleans, LA
Pastor Gabriel Wilcinot

Next Haiti trip:
December 1-15, 2008
Revival services in local Haitian churches.
Meetings with several pastors in and around Port-au-Prince to discuss future missions opportunities.


My friends,

I am happy to be able to report to you that I will be making my fifth trip to Haiti next month. The Lord first called me to the nation and people of Haiti back in the summer of 1993, and I feel like I have let Him down by not ministering there enough. Please pray with me that I'll be able to visit Haiti more frequently, to bring them the good news of our saviour Jesus Christ.

I haven't been totally remiss, of course. I have been preaching in local Haitian congregations here in New Orleans since 1999. One of the pastors I've worked with is Gabriel Wilcinot, who currently pastors New Mission Sanctified Baptist Church on LaPalco. I've made two trips with him so far, preaching in his churches in Montagnac and Lagonbri, near the southwestern tip of Haiti. I will be meeting Pastor Gabriel when he arrives in Haiti, and we may be able to visit those two mountain villages. He is also supposed to be taking me to either La Gonav or Gonaives (I don't know which place he was referring to), where he intends to bring hurricane relief items to distribute among the people.

Once I arrive in Port-au-Prince I will be meeting with Pastor Samuel Orelus in Petionville. I first met him in December 1993, when I was introduced to him by Mark Johnson. Pastor Samuel invited me to preach in his convention (we call them conferences here in the states) that following January. I emailed one of his deacons, so Pastor Samuel will be expecting me, and I'm hoping to be able to preach in at least one of his services while I am there.

Another pastor that I worked with back in the 90s was Pastor Joseph Simon. He had a very large church in Citi Soleil, where he held Friday morning evangelistic services, in which I was privileged to minister. I think Pastor Simon has gone to be with the Lord, however, and his son has probably taken over the church. I'm hoping to be able to meet with his son while I am in Port-au-prince in a few weeks.

Lastly, I'm going to try to visit Pastor Lucien Almanord , who pastors and runs an orphanage and school in the plains region of Haiti. The church that I attend, Harvest Time Fellowship in Harvey on the Westbank, has supported Pastor Lucien for a number of years now. I met him several years ago at Harvest Time, and have sent him a letter telling him about my visit and intentions of visiting his church. Since he lives some distance from the city, he may not get the letter in time. I don't know exactly what town he lives in, so I'm not sure that I'll be able to pay him a visit if he doesn't know I'm looking for him.

As Paul said in 2 Thessalonians, "finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you". I am asking that you hold me up in prayer while I am on the mission field, and also if possible that you would consider supporting me financially. If you've listened to my radio broadcasts, you know that I do not believe in the prosperity message. Your offering will go directly to missions work and the winning of lost souls.

Thanks, and may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Your co-laborer in Christ,

Joey Kelly

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