Koinonia Bible College
Instructor: Joey Kelly

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that the prospective student have read the entire Old and New Testaments straight through at least once before taking this course.

I am writing the text for this class, and will be putting the notes up (I hope) weekly.
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LESSON 1 Introduction: Define the word typology (the study of types). Explain the relationship   between the Old and New Testaments and how Christ, though appearing in time in the gospels, can be clearly seen in the OT. Types seen functioning as prophecy displayed in the lives of the OT saints and OT events, laws, feasts, etc.. Every NT doctrine has its roots in the OT and can be supported at least in part through the studying of types.

PLEASE NOTE:  The remainder of the course will be spent going through the Old Testament studying the major types.

LESSON 2 Genesis: Creation. The Fall of man. Cain and Abel. Seth. Enoch. Methuselah and Noah.

LESSON 3 Genesis: Abraham. Isaac and Rebekah. Jacob and Esau. Joseph.

LESSON 4 Exodus: Moses. Pharaoh. Passover. Red Sea. Manna. Rephidim. Amalek.

LESSON 5 The Tabernacle of Moses. Canaanites.

LESSON 6 Pillars of cloud and fire. Two trumpets. 70 elders. Brazen serpent. Jubilee. Joshua.

LESSON 7 Judges. Ruth. Samuel. King Saul.

LESSON 8 David. Solomon. Rehoboam. Selected kings of Israel and Judah.

LESSON 9 Captivity and regathering

LESSON 10 Selected types from the writings of the prophets.

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