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Back In The Saddle Again
Am I lazy, or just overly concerned about reporting my accomplishments too early? Either way, I'm announcing a year and a half late that I've revived my radio teaching ministry.

2008-07-03 (Permalink)

My program is on WHSO in New Orleans each Sunday, but if you're not unlucky enough to live in the Big Floody, I've posted podcasts on my site, should you care to listen to any of my sermons. I've gotten quite a bit of encouragement from some of the locals that listen to my show, apparently faithfully.

I've been teaching from the Old Testament since January. I've had a burden for probably 20 years to teach through the historical books, finding the types that point to Christ and feeding the people along the way. Hopefully I'll be able to save my notes and fill out my typology lessons, neglected these long years.


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