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Oh and for those who are trying to get something for nothing remember the
ISP must pay for that bandwidth. As such using the law of unintended
consequences you could either drive your ISP from business or end up being
stuck with a huge rate increase that your friends just might not help you


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On Fri, 2002-03-08 at 12:03, Edward Melendez wrote:
> anyone in the NOLA area ever consider doing something like this?

(Response #1)
Jeezus Fscking Xrist. Do what every other adult does: get a
job, prioritize, budget your money, and pay your bills.

(Response #2)
This is _so_ against AUP, and I can make a very good argument
that it is stealing.
One of the Prohibited Activities is
* Use the Services on more than a single computer, unless
  otherwise authorized by CoxCom.
I really don't think that Cox (or Charter, or BellSouth, for
that matter) would look kindly upon a dozen seperate households
sharing one line.

The relevant paragraph in the article focuses on "you can't tell
us we can't broadcast over 802.11b". Well, the ISP doesn't really
_care_ what the "medium of exchange" is. They'd be just as pissed
if I ran cat5 from my switch to my neighbors.

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