Re: [Nolug] 802.11

From: Ron Johnson <>
Date: 09 Mar 2002 10:59:56 -0600
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On Sat, 2002-03-09 at 04:05, Joey Kelly wrote:
> >Yeah, like if a group of friends (who all already had high-speed
> >connections) each put 802.11* on eth2, to talk amongst themselves
> >at high-speeds.
> Ugh. Can you say "routing issues"?

How is it any different from any other SME-sized firewall that
eth0 - routable
eth1 - 192.168.1.*
eth2 - 192.168.2.*
In this case, the eth0 IP address would be the gateway for the
eth[1-9] IP-addresses.

In wireless case, if eth1 describes your home LAN, and eth2 the
802.11b interface, you just wouldn't allow the eth2 IP-addresses
to be gatewayed thru to the cloud. Firewall policy would help
here also.

Of course... everyone in the local wi-fi cloud would have to
have the same gatewaying and firewall policies, so you're right:
totally impractical from a security POV.

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