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I am new to this mailing list, and to New Orleans. I moved into the
Marigny at the end of December, and am a computer programmer and a
Unix/Linux user (Debian and NetBSD are my current favorites).

I have been a Linux User Group member and organizer since 1998 (whew!
that's ten years... funny how little has changed on the command line
since then) - and am happy to see an active LUG in this city. I am
already on the IRC channel as the user "epsas" - and am at BarCamp if
you want to say hello and geek out about Unix.

The user's group I was involved with in California was the Berkeley
Unix User's Group. A great thing that this group does is provide an
venue for people to get together and talk about their projects and
ideas with other serious users. They hold their meetings at a great
coffee shop, and there always have new books to give away to members.

I don't know if nolug is hooked into the Pearson User's Group book
promotion program, but it is a good way to have books sent to bring to
LUG meetings as giveaways (free books are a great way to promote ;)
and deep discounts to members of Linux/Unix users groups.

In any case, I hope to meet you all at the next meeting.

Yours Truly,
Charles Paul

PS - (If anybody is driving to the next meeting from downtown/marigny,
it would be great if I could possibly get a ride from there)

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Hello User Group Leaders,

We hope you're enjoying the Pearson Education User Group Program,
including- among other benefits- an ongoing 35% member discount, a
monthly contest and a quarterly UG Program newsletter. All details are
available here: www.informit.com/usergroupwelcome

As your Linux liaison, I'm writing to tell you about the new books you
will soon receive for your LUG. These include:

- the latest book from bestselling author Mark Sobell! "A Practical
Guide to Ubuntu Linux". www.informit.com/title/013236039X

- a new "Unleashed" title from SAMS Publishing: "Ubuntu 7.10 Linux
Unleashed", 3rd Edition, authored by Andrew and Paul Hudson;

We have additional new titles which I'd be happy to ship you, but you
must first reply to me to with your specific picks:

-- Joomla! A User's Guide: Building a Successful Joomla! Powered Website
by Barrie North;

-- RailsSpace Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Video LiveLessons) by Aurelius
Prochazka; http://www.informit.com/store/product.aspx?isbn=0321517067

-- New Paperback Edition! Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment:
Paperback Edition, 2nd Edition by W. Richard Stevens
6fb02d32> , W. Richard Stevens
e39f2d4a> , Stephen A. Rago
e58512f6> ; http://www.informit.com/store/product.aspx?isbn=0321525949

-- Implementing ITIL Configuration Management by By Larry Klosterboer;

As always, please ask your members to return their support with
feedback-good, bad or indifferent! We encourage UG members to post their
opinions on Amazon.com, BN.com, Slashdot.org, or any relevant technical
site that accepts user content.

A couple more news items!

-- Linux Journal 2008 Readers' Choice Survey- Be sure your members cast
their votes! (Polls close Feb 14th!);

-- 40% Discount to The 6th Annual Southern California Linux Expo!
(SCALE) To be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 8-10, 2008 at
the Westin Los Angeles Airport. Register today with a 40% User Group
discount!! The promo code is PEAR2:



Pearson UG members receive up to 35% off every purchase on InformIT.com
and our partner imprint sites (ciscopress.com
<http://www.ciscopress.com> and ibmpressbooks.com
<http://www.ibmpressbooks.com> )! Just follow these easy steps for

-- Create an Informit account:
-- Enter the following member code: USERGROUP

-- LOGIN at any time to automatically receive the special pricing!

Many thanks, Heather Fox


Heather L. Fox, Senior Publicist & User Group Liaison

Addison-Wesley Professional < IBM Press < Prentice Hall Professional <
Que Publishing < Sams Publishing

Publishing imprints of Pearson Education


Office Ph: 212-641-6539

*Mobile*: 201-362-7763

Geo: c/o Pearson Education, 1330 6th Ave., 35th Floor

NY, NY 10019

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