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From: Dustin Puryear <>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 09:15:22 -0500
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Not "are". This was for a job I had several years ago. We were using
Televideo thin terminals. They worked great. We had looked at WYSE and
others, but the Televideo's were a great price and worked as required.

The latest and greatest thin clients usually have RDP/ICA/VNC support
and also come with a built-in web client (usually IE under WinCE or
Firefox) so that the thin client can be used to access web-based
applications without a TS login (thus, no TS license).

Are you guys starting to deploy this type of service?

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Mischa D. Krilov wrote:
> Dustin,
> Can you give us the details (make/model/etc) of the thin client yall
> are rolling out?
> Mischa
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