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From: Dustin Puryear <dustin_at_puryear-it.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 14:00:25 -0500
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Hey guys-

I have some questions about Citrix. We have a site with a Citrix
environment with Citrix Secure Gateway and IBM WebSphere Portal Server
(WSPS). We are looking to do some SSO using the Citrix portlet. Anyone
know of any Citrix pros that can answer some questions about making this
happen? Even if the Citrix guru isn't a pro with SSO, we would like to
talk. Naturally, we'll pay for their time.

Please direct them to me at dustin@puryear-it.com.

This is uber-critical and uber-time sensitive.

As an FYI, here is the basic question if you want to take a swing at it:

o We have external users coming in via a SiteMinder reverse proxy to the

o We have internal users going directly to the portal.

o We have an AD environment.

o The IBM WSPS server will have the SiteMinder agent, so we can do SSO
between the proxy and portal.

o We are looking to use the Citrix portlet to access people's Citrix
desktops via the portal.

o We want to not require the user to log into Citrix to make that work,
but that seems like what we would have to make happen (e.g., by opening
another IE or Firefox window when they clicked on the Citrix section).

If you are familiar with SiteMinder, you know we can probably use the
User Context Gateway (UCG) for this, but we are looking for other
solutions, especially if we can assert an identity to Citrix (think

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