Re: [Nolug] Thursday's meeting: CC's Coffeeshop

From: Petri Laihonen <>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 17:47:02 -0600
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I guess the penguins are still somewhere at Canal Street, where I was
supposed to pick-up one of the new members + the penguins.

If I remember correctly my explanation of the events preventing me to
get to the pickup place were misunderstood and a bit after that there
was some sort of programming pride arguments in the list and I have not
seen any posts from the "new member" since.


Curtis "cSc" Smith wrote:
> Uhm, what the hell ever happened to those penguins? (And anyone know
> the 'movie' they were in?)
> On 11/20/08, *Petri Laihonen* <
> <>> wrote:
> I'm back home from my unsuccessful attempt to get to the meeting.
> Some idiot decided to block the bridge, and lines at the ferry
> boat are too long for me to waste time there.....
> This is now second time within the past 6 or so months exactly
> same thing happening.
> Previous one was the day I was supposed to pick up some inflatable
> penguins.....
> Petri
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