[Nolug] Tomorrow's meeting

From: Joey Kelly <joey_at_joeykelly.net>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 22:51:50 -0500
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Ok, today's meeting if you're reading this tomorrow...

Anyhow, if you didn't catch James' suggestion for a place with a projector,
here it is:

> In the interest of getting things nailed down, would Z'otz in uptown  
> be an acceptable location for this week's meeting?
> They're at 8210 Oak Street and have a projector and space we can  
> reserve if we give them a couple days notice. If this is a good spot I  
> can give them a call tomorrow and confirm the time for this Thursday.  
> They are located about 10 minutes from our current meeting location  
> (map).
> As for discussion: I've got a presentation introducing Ruby and some  
> reasons not to use Ruby on Rails and Dennis mentioned having some Xen  
> related stuff to show off, which sounds really interesting to me.

We are NOT going to be at the coffeeshop on Metairie Road tomorrow. We'll be
on Oak street. James will be discussing Ruby and Rails.

James Thompson

Joey Kelly
Minister of the Gospel and Linux Consultant

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