RE: [Nolug] Bell South dsl connection

From: Robert Cochran <>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 21:33:38 -0500
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The only distro that I've ran into with the usb modem support is

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I have struggled for months trying to get the USB Alcatel modem to work
with FastAccess. There IS a driver for it at Alcatel's website. I am not
experienced enough with Linux to patch kernels, etc., but perhaps you
may find something there you can use.
    Since RH looks for a Ethernet connection, I think it's probably best
to have a non-USB modem and run it thru the Ethernet device.
    I am considering getting the $200 Lindows computer from Walmart. It
has a building in 10/100. I have had so much bad luck lately trying to
get a second system going; have burned out three motherboards,
apparently caused by defective CPUs. I used to have no trouble with such
things. Either I am losing it or nothing is tested before shipment

From: "Carlos " <>
Date: 2002/10/09 Wed PM 12:27:32 EDT
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Subject: [Nolug] Bell South dsl connection

Boy, am I glad to be back in the Big Easy". My first task is to connect
a SuSE computer to the internet. The boss has already ordered Bell
South (I would have preferred Direct TV), and we have the Bell South USB
modem, which incidentally is not supported under Linux. I wonder if any
of the nolug Gurus can help me with a suggestion of a decent dsl modem
that works with Bell South DSL and Linux, as well as any other "caveats"
using Bell South.



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