Re: [Nolug] OT: Gmail paid service

From: Petri Laihonen <>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 17:04:42 -0500
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I use both, free and paid versions.
You may want to check if the few additional features in the paid version
are the ones you would need and if not, then stay with free one.

Things to note....
- You can not convert from paid version to free one without completely
wiping out the "domain" and then await for an x amount of time it is
released from Google system for you to set it up in the free app. section.
- Some times the e-mail groups appear to be finicky. I think it is a
bug. For instance you can add "all users" in the domain as recipients
for the group, but that does not work. You need to add each user
individually into the group.

I have not used any microsoft mail programs for years (in my own mail
stuff), thus I don't know how it syncs etc....
Google mail seems to be working OK with thunderbird and the calendaring
addon. (I have no need to sync calendars with other people)

If you start with free version and later decide to go with paid version,
transformation is very easy. If you have multiple domains, where some
are paid and some are free, migrating users and their e-mails from free
to paid domain is also quite easy using their migration tools. I just
transferred few gigs of mails. It took about a day, and all the labels
(folders) were transferred correctly. While in transition, the mails
appear to be in the "transfer" label in the target account. When done,
everything looks normal.


Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> Has anyone used the GMail paid service (Enterprise, I think is their
> term)? My employer is considering a switch to it. We are unhappy
> with our current mail server (with our web host) due to spam and
> outages. We looked at hosted Exchange as we wanted to also gain
> shared calendaring, but it seems that many companies don't do a very
> good job at hosted Exchange either.. With GMail's anti-spam service,
> Outlook sync utility and shared calendaring abilities, it seems like a
> good choice.
> Wondering if anyone on the list is using it in a small to medium
> business setting?
> Thanks
> Jonathan
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