Re: [Nolug] Looking for a job...

From: Jeremy Sliwinski (mailing list account) <>
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 18:53:52 -0600
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brent timothy saner wrote:
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> Hey, all, I figured while that *other*
> increasingly-inappropriately-titled thread is going fairly strong, I'd
> get my resume out here on the list.
> You can find it at
> (If you want a plaintext version e-mailed, get me off-list and I'll get
> one to you)
> Hope you guys can point me towards a nice fit :)

Anything in particular that you are looking for? I always ask that
because I know some folks on this list have certain types of jobs they
aren't interested in doing... *cough* Joey and Windows stuff *cough* ;)

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