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From: John Souvestre <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:13:31 -0600
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Hi David.

Yes, but they won't do this either. The account is lost. There is no way to recover it.


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> Since there is no way to clone it you need the password for the Gmail
> account. Try to get it from Google. Of course if you set up some of
> the new "recovery" options it's no big deal, but if you didn't...
> Even with the ability to send/receive email from the old phone, Google
> still won't send you the password.

Most likely, Google doesn't even have it. If it works like passwords on a regular *nix box, they just have a hash of it, and there isn't any way to get the password from the hash. They would be able to reset your password, of course.

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