RE: [Nolug] Mac OS X to make an appearance at the next meeting.... maybe.

From: Pietu <>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 21:30:53 -0600
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I was a bit unclear with it this earlier.

It was 8 tracks 96Khz for two hours non-stop.
In terms of just regular 41Khz quality audio that would equal 16
simultaneous tracks.

I don't know however, what would be the limitations of this outdated laptop
anyway. Naturally all this can be calculated, but not with my math level.

On his own home studio he is doing as many tracks as needed. Playing back
multiple tracks, while recording on another set of multiple tracks to the
same composition. Very nice system. He got some benchmarking tools, but I
don't know the results of those.

Main point there is that no matter what is the platform these days, for
audio there probably are no performance limitations. It's all in the
limitations of the software.


> >
> > > Better chips under the hood. That, and I need that platform for
> > > OS 9.2.2 for use
> > > with music software I'll be using. Intels perform poorly when
> > > dealing with more
> > > than a few digital channels of audio when mixed.
> >
> > That must be then the audio software used.
> >
> > A friend of mine makes music and not so long time ago he recorder *LIVE*
> > 8-tracks simultaneously with his laptop, 800 Mhz IBM. Not a single
> glitch or
> > dropped frames. (He can use his multiple channel inputs on a go
> even with
> > the car batteries. Nice little setup.) I believe he was using Nuendo,
> one of
> > many multi-track audio softwares. This same audio software takes AVID
> > standard .omf files in and plays back video preview, while playing back
> > multiple tracks of audio.
> >
> Good to hear it worked. ;) I'd say try and do 32 channels
> simultaneously on it though. My friend who owns a recording studio
> downtown uses Mac now because with his G4 he can do 32 channels of
> digital audio simultaneously. He tried to with his PC, but he said it
> couldn't handle it even with ultra SCSI and oodles of memory.
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