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From: Joey Kelly <joey_at_joeykelly.net>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 15:33:35 -0500
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Simply amazing. If had only bothered to check the guy's reputation, I'd have
seen that a non-trivial percentage of buyers complain of exactly what I
describe below.


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Subject: Re: Order delivery inquiry
Date: Tuesday 22 March 2011 06:18
From: ceressnowenterprises - Amazon Marketplace
To: Joey Kelly <joey@joeykelly.net>

Hello Joey.

Thank you for contacting me first. Your order actually shipped on 2/28/11 as
your order was received on Saturday 2/2/6/11 at 12:47 pm and the post office
 was closed. Amazon confirms shipment on all orders.

The issue with your order is that we received your package back from the post
office empty. We have since resent you another copy of the Haiti license
 plate at our expense. We ask that you wait a few days to receive it as it is
 on it's way. Thank you for contacting me first and allowing me to help you
 with this order. If you have any other questions please let me know.

From: Joey Kelly - Amazon Marketplace
To: ceressnowenterprises
Sent: Mon, March 21, 2011 10:43:48 PM
Subject: Order delivery inquiry

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You claimed that my order shipped February 26, with an unusually long
 delivery window stretching until today... so today I get a message saying
 you haven't even shipped it yet? I highly doubt that my item actually
 shipped today, and quite frankly I doubt that it will ever ship. I want a
 full refund. Now.

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Joey Kelly
Minister of the Gospel and Linux Consultant
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