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From: John Souvestre <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 17:45:37 -0600
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Hi Chris.


I have Cox at my home. I find it very reliable. About once a month I have
to reboot my modem. Go figure. J



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Subject: [Nolug] Cox outages


Has anyone else been seeing major internet outages with Cox lately? Today
it's especially bad, but things seem to have been getting worse over the
past 6 months or so. This isn't an isolated incident, we've been seeing
this at multiple clients all over the New Orleans area. Uptown around
Carrolton bend has been especially bad. Our frustration level is pretty
high, because we've spent the past 5 years moving many of our clients from
AT&T to Cox, so now we look like the bad guys for recommending Cox.

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