Re: [Nolug] Need some help with Xserver pains. Anyone?

From: Curtis Smith <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 23:21:49 -0500
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Well I replaced the includes with ones from the source used to build the package. No go. Next up is to build the source and inject those files in.&nbsp;

Stock x11 would render the phone useless, and lock it up as a 'computer' of sorts. Not to mention I don't think it compiles or maybe it just doesn't run properly.

On another note this isn't just a personal build, I'm the unofficial official erronous platform package maintainer. I've built this on the n800 as well. Speaking of n800, that 770 of yours still kicking Joey?

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On Aug 20, 2012 10:53 PM, Joey Kelly &lt;; wrote:

On Monday, August 20, 2012 03:56:42 pm you wrote:

&gt; Alright so as of late I've been slaving away on my Pixi, setting up a build

&gt; environment to compile a source port of doom called Odamex.


&gt; All went well until I ran into X11 dependancies.


&gt; The way webos works in a nutshell, I'd presume anyway, is by jailing the

&gt; userspace applications in a chroot that has everything it needs to run.

&gt; Why did I just attempt to explain that? Well the xserver package is a

&gt; jailed package, which should be somewhat easier to debug. No log output

&gt; whatsoever and I cannot attach gdb to it if it were to save my life.


&gt; The only x11 related thing I performed during my compile was transplanting

&gt; 0.6.5 X11 includes into /opt/include/X11.

That might be what broke xecutah and whatnot.

Have you thought of compiling X and/or your other stuff into another directory,

with the idea of running your binaries instead of stock X11?

Joey Kelly
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