[Nolug] I used to think that Windows bashing was just Linux fanboyism...

From: Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson_at_cox.net>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 17:34:20 -0500
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But now that I have to use RDP and SQL Server in production environments
(instead of XP as just a glorified terminal server), BLECH! Jesus Lord
Almighty, but Microsoft does everything in it's power to make monitoring and
maintaining databases as labor intensive as possible.

On 10/25/2012 04:51 PM, Clint Billedeaux wrote:
> I know this is a Linux group, but I'm trying to help my current employer as
> I leave for greener pasture.
> Long story short, I've been teaching myself C# on the company dime. In the
> process I've built and Order Entry System that communicates with QuickBooks,
> and now that I'm leaving, the boss would like to have someone else's phone
> number that he can call if he needs something.
> He will definitely have my number. I will be first line of assistance, but
> if I'm unreachable, he would like to know that someone else could step in
> and fill the void. I don't really know how to help him out there. The
> system works. He just wants to know he has options.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Clint

God didn't give America it's rights; men with guns violently took
them with from other men with guns.
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