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At&amp;t devices have 1700mhz, but not 1900 which is what tmobile uses for hsdpa+. This is what data crippled means.

While the iPhone is the main target, this also means other phones with the frequency mismatch will also benefit.

At&amp;t is using a frequency which is supposed to be reserved for evolved edge.&nbsp;

And I didn't say it was a war, but it could push TMo above the rest of GSM providers atleast, leaving at&amp;t in the dust.

It's no unknown fact that they haven't carried the iphone until then near future, and I've heard dozens of complaints of customers about them not having the device available. It's also a lesser known fact that tmo's network has been better supportive to the iCrap since day one, and even the rep who opened my most recent account had one jailbroken on his hip.

Only time will tell I spose.&nbsp;

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What are data crippled AT&amp;T devices?&nbsp; (Google didn't help much.)

AT&amp;T was illegally using someone else's frequency range?

T-Mobile is improving service, but how is that a war?&nbsp; Is AT&amp;T retaliating somehow?

On 03/09/2013 07:59 AM, Curtis Smith wrote:
&gt; Don't know if anyone was completely aware of what's going on inside the carrier, but all data crippled AT&amp;T devices are receiving 3G now.
&gt; Reasoning: T-Mobile is offering the IPhone in the spring for full price, and before that happens, the towers had to be modified/reconfigured.
&gt; AT&amp;T uses the evolved edge frequency, whereas T-Mobile had that frequency reserved like it was supposed to do, even though they don't employ the bolt-on unless you're seriously out in the middle of nowhere. Now I'd presume eEDGE is considered obsoleted since T-Mobile is moving their 3G frequencies in it's place.
&gt; According to
 T-Mobile, it could take up to a year to stabilize, but I've already been getting 3G service in various spots and my apartment seems to be near a renovated tower.
&gt; Seems to me like there may be a carrier war of sorts soon, what are your opinions?

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