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Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 17:24:50 -0500
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Subject: Tcl/Tk Conference Returns to N'Awlins
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  Several years ago (2004) you offered to spam the NOLug list for me
when the Tcl/Tk conference came to New Orleans.

  The first Tcl/Tk conference was held in New Orleans, so we're back
for the 20'th conference at the same old hotel (Bourbon-Orleans).

  If you could spam the LUG list for me again, I'd appreciate it.

  Here's a blurb to cut/paste:

20'th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference:
Sep 23-27, 2013
Bourbon-Orleans Hotel
New Orleans, LA, USA


Tutorials ranging from introduction to advanced topics on Monday and

Technical papers on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Call-For-Papers is now open! If you've done something interesting
with Tcl/Tk, this is a chance to talk about it.


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