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From: Jimmy Hess <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 05:41:42 -0500
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On 7/25/13, Lee S. Whatley <> wrote:

CRT monitors are basically hazardous waste, and there's an annual day for that.

The main trouble with CRTs is the old ones are very energy
inefficient, so the accumulated cost to operate over time could
eventually add up to a number that would make it a better idea to
spend $100 on a LCD than to use a free CRT. If the computer is
not used very frequently, a used CRT under $20 might be economical,
but the move from a 130 to 150 Watt 19" CRT to a 15 to 25 Watt 24"
LCD is pretty compelling; using your computer actively 8 hours X
365, you could expect to save ~400 Kilowatts a year (by consuming
~50kWH/Year instead of approximately ~450kwH/Year), maybe more...
energy prices are ever increasing, but today at about $0.10/kWH
in some places, your annual energy cost went down from $45/Year to
$5/Year, so the move to LCD could have freed about $40 bucks a
year on electricity, and Energystar features on newer LCDs may
further widen the gap...

> What do folks do these days to get rid of old hardware for recycling or
> whatnot? I know at some point the city had a drop-off center, but I don't
> know if they do anymore or not (and where it is). I have a couple of old
> CRT monitors and a beige box PC that I need to get rid of. Of course if
> anyone on the list wants them you are more than welcome to take them.
> Thanks!
> -Lee___________________

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