Re: [Nolug] Installing Debian 7.1.0 on Desktop

From: Jason Curole <>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 14:42:57 -0500
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Although you emailed me offline, I'm going to reply to the group as someone
may be more helpful than myself...

>In general, I need one computer that won't be on Internet (probably the
iMAC or another PC), which holds my gigantic music collection, so I guess
just GUI and probably not command line. Maybe a 3 >TB hard drive

I'm certainly not the best person to answer this, as my digital music
collection is small...but I'm not certain about the wisdom of storing an
active music collection on an external drive. This sounds like a giant

>Main desktop: Use every day. Surf the 'net, check e-mail. Windows 7, 64
bit, 8 GB RAM, only 120 GB SSD hard drive.
>I thought about VB. Does that require a dual boot (partition on the HD)?

Virtual Box does not require a dual boot. It runs as a program within your
base OS; the new virtual machine is set up as a file on the hard drive. On
my work Windows 7 computer it functions well. Cursor moves seamlessly, I
have a Shared folder that is mounted under Debian so I can copy files back
and forth between systems, etc. I doubt that a Linux distro in VB is a
good solution for music management though. As much as I hate iTunes (and
digital music in general) I would probably install this on my Windows
machine if I needed music management, but I have an iPod and iPhone so I'm
tied into iTunes.

>Also have an old iMAC, very little RAM. Broken at the moment (will not
power up).
>I need to try a reset switch on the motherboard.
>Running OS-9. OS-9 is dead. I want to put another OS on that computer.
Maybe PuppyLinux or YellowDog (PowerPC versions).
>Otherwise, I was looking at OS-X, but I'd have to invest $80 in two more
RAM sticks.

Holy cow! Practically an antique in the computing world. Others might
tell you to shop around, but I would advise a novice to pick one distro and
get comfortable with it. You can waste a lot of time configuring systems...

>One Toshiba Satellite laptop, purchased 2006, 4 GB RAM, Windows XP.
Cannot be upgraded as far as RAM.
>Very heavy. Won't fit well in backpack on my bicycle.
>Probably will wipe out XP and put another OS. Would this be a good
candidate for VB if I keep XP on it?

Or maybe just install a linux distro.

As for Debian scanning your cds, Debian does this when you don't do a net
install. The first time I installed I did so from a set of DVDs (firewall
at work so couldn't access the mirrors) and it scans each DVD so that it
knows what packages are available and where to find them. Again, if you
can, install from the net and then unplug the computer if you don't want it
to have internet access.

Best, Jason

On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 2:21 PM, Joey Kelly <> wrote:

> On 09/22/2013 07:04 PM, Randy Wild wrote:
> > I found another site that has Debian 7.1.0 on three dvd.
> > i'll try this.
> >
> Woah, slow down... you're getting software from some random site and
> you're actually going to trust it? Use an official ftp mirror
> for great justice.
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