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Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 11:22:18 -0600
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Hi Joe and Brett.


Something came up last weekend, so I was delayed a bit.


I ran all the tests on my laptop under Windows 7. I disabled turbo
(SpeedStep) on the multi-core tests so that it wouldn't distort the results.
My machine has a 4 core processor, which accounts for the first 4 CPUs. The
second 4 CPUs are as a result of hyper threading, so they aren't worth much
(about 20% of a regular CPU). Results are probably good to about 5% for
single-core, and 25% for multi-core. The multi-core performance varied quite
a bit, I suspect because of OS factors.


=-=-= Multi-core test


1 core: 1 job => 2.5s 2 jobs => 5.0s

2 cores: 2 jobs => 2.5s 4 jobs => 5.2s

3 cores: 3 jobs => 2.7s 6 jobs => 5.3s

4 cores: 4 jobs => 2.9s 8 jobs => 5.7s

8 cores: 8 jobs => 5.0s 16 jobs =>10.0s


The scheduler is cooperative, so fairness is not guaranteed. If there are
more jobs than CPUs, some may be starved if others run compute-bound. To
avoid the compute-bound jobs must yield occasionally. This is done
automatically upon a function call or you can call runtime.Gosched() (overhead
of 212 ns).


=-=-= Goroutine creation time and memory used test


   1 job => 0ms, 7M

  10 jobs => 0ms, 7M

100 jobs => 0ms, 8M

  1K jobs => 3ms, 17M

10K jobs => 15-25ms, 107M

100K jobs => 115-230ms, 1031M


:: Per job => ~2us, 10K (1G limit)


The memory was not released back to the operating system when the jobs were

killed. Also, Go did not reuse the memory itself when creating new jobs.


=-=-= Shared memory (locking) and messages (channels) overhead tests


cores Shared Memory (locking) Messages (channels)

1 137 ns 1137 ns

2 353 ns 1731 ns


Times are for a pair of operations (ping and pong).


Multiple cores involve multiple OS threads, hence longer times. The times for
3 and 4 cores were the same as for 2 cores.




Overall: Go seems to do a nice job and writing the code was easy. I'm
impressed. I'd like to gather similar results for some other languages
(especially Haskell and D).



    John Souvestre - New Orleans LA - (504) 454-0899


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Let us know how it runs.


On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 4:10 PM, John Souvestre <> wrote:



>>> It would be interesting to write a 'go' application that handles alot of
request and see if it distributes it across the cores.


I plan on doing that, probably with some compute-bound task (easier and more
deterministic). Just as soon as I learn a bit more about Go.


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