[Nolug] Can RJ45 wall jacks go bad?

From: Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson_at_cox.net>
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2014 21:04:16 -0600
Message-ID: <52CA1D30.6000006@cox.net>

About 10 years ago, I had the house wired. Now one of the jacks seems to be
dead. I firmly wiggled the plug of the patch cord that goes in it, and it
"came alive" for about 5 minutes, but now is back "dead" again.

I've tried other patch cords, and other ports in the switch, but still can't
get network connectivity to the machine at the other end of the wire.

(Because the connection "came alive" at one point after a firm wiggle, I
think it's the jack near the switch instead of anything on the other end of
the line.)


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