[Nolug] Crashed laptop hard drive: Data recovery options?

From: Philip Amadeo Saeli <psaeli_at_zorodyne.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 17:20:45 -0500
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I've had the unfortunate experience of having a laptop hard drive (100
GB PATA Seagate) [apparently] crash during a brief power outage (no UPS,
no battery). After power was restored, the drive would not spin up at
all. I tried a few simple tricks to get it to spin up without success
(do not want to further damage the drive!). Though the most important
data was on backups, there is quite a bit of data that was to be copied
to a new system later that day (!), and so now needs to be recovered.

What I'd like is essentially a bit-copy of the entire good portion of
the drive, if possible (such as I have done on drives with bad sectors
using ddrescue). Since the system was running Linux and was essentially
idle during the power outage, I'm hoping that any media damage is either
in the Linux /var or swap partitions, and that the other partitions are
still good.

The drive has 10 partitions, including ext[23], Linux swap, VFAT, and
NTFS. There is one Linux installation and 2 Windows installations on
the drive in a multiboot setup.

I am not interested in file recovery, esp since there are quite a
variety of different types of files and filesystems on the drive. I'd
most like a bit-copy of the drive as much as is possible.

Anyone have any ideas where I can get such service from a trusted (and
not excessively expensive) provider?

BTW, I'm in the NOLA Northshore area.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Philip Amadeo Saeli
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