Re: [Nolug] Mimedefang and ClamAV

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Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 17:59:45 -0500 (CDT)
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> > BTW, what is the 'make distclean' option? I realized that it had
> > something to do with cleaning out old object files or something, but I
> > could not find it for the life of me in man of make. I thought there
> > was some sort of 'make clean', but where can I find the man pages on
> > 'clean' or 'distclean'?
> You need a better understanding of "make" and automake.
> make targets are given in the Makefile. If a target isn't listed in
> the Makefile, it doesn't exist. Likewise, you can add targets to the
> Makefile and get new options. make just takes care of dependencies
> based on the Makefile. It doesn't say what targets a program must
> support. By default, it executes the first target (usually "all").

Look in the Makefile for distclean. You'll see it removes some files
created by configure, and some man pages. Right above that, the 'clean'
target is what actually deletes the object files.

What happened was configure looked in your config.cache and saw that it
looked for ClamAV last time, didn't find it, so didn't bother looking
again. Whenever i recompile something like that, i first look at the top
of config.status to see what configure options i used to compile last
time, the do a 'rm config.*'. In this case, the distclean did the same
thing. Or to be extra safe, you could just delete the entire dir and
untar the source again.

Ray DeJean
Systems Engineer Southeastern Louisiana University
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