RE: [Nolug] DNS question

From: Mark D Robinson <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 19:31:19 -0500
Message-Id: <>

Quick answer - if all you're after is "ping", just add a period after it "ping" so it won't append your domain.

Otherwise, what are you trying to ping? Is "ANYTHING" just a hostname (no periods) or host.domain ? Is "" a registered domain (and are you really using or is that a "fake" domain to hide your real one?)? If so, there may be a wildcard DNS record for the domain (if you're really using, there is a wildcard record).

What version of BIND is installed? Different versions of the resolver handle things a little differently (what to append, etc.).

Do you have the HOSTALIASES and/or LOCALDOMAIN environment variables set? If so, to what?

Check the resolv.conf manpage. I know OpenBSD 3.3 has an option "lookup" that controls whether the resolver checks the hosts file first or BIND first (this may actually depend more on the BIND version - OpenBSD 3.3 includes BIND 9.2.2).

Mark Robinson

> I am not running named, getting DNS from my ISP. I can't figure where
> the * records could be. Here is a sample of my hosts file:
> ::1 localhost
> localhost
> web
> I am not sure what the first ::1 is, just got it from the default I
> think. Also, I have things listed twice... Not sure why I did that.
> May have something to do with some specific with a . After them... Could
> this be part of the prob?
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