RE: [Nolug] moving out, taking NOLUG with me

From: Chris Reames <>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 13:17:03 -0600
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I'll host the site and run the meetings...
Ya got any of those big crayons?
I haven't figured out the wiki, but I think big crayons would work ;)

BTW, how did the booth thing go yesterday?

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I'm sick of this town.. I can't find a job, I can't hustle business on my
own... so I'm moving back to Atlanta, where I lived in the 90s. Maybe I can
find a job there.

"But what about NOLUG? Don't you run the meetings, the website and this
mailing list? What are we going to do?" some of you are asking. I've got a
solution for that, too. I'm taking NOLUG with me.

Starting next week, when I get my new server up in Marietta GA (just north
Atlanta), NOLUG will henceforth be known as YIALUG (Yats In Atlanta Linux
Users Group). Everyone on the NOLUG list will be transferred over to the
YIALUG list, etc. Anyone that decides to move to Atlanta with me to find a
job, please email me off-list, because I'll probably need help with the
meetings (talking to Kennesaw State University about letting us use a
classroom, putting out flyers, etc.).

Let me know what you guys think. Probably if you don't move out there,
going to have to find someone else to run a website, mailing list, etc..
you're going to have to find someone willing to run the meetings.

Bye, I'm outta here.

Joey Kelly
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