[Nolug] Free Stuff (one more try :P)

From: krunk <krunkalot_at_hotpop.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 14:23:30 -0500
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We didn't have anyone show up last time. I think this was due to my
late posting of the meeting time...my apologies, I was in the middle of
moving and had to run up to the library to check/post.....so this
weekend we welcome any scavengers again. This will be the last attempt
at a giveaway though, anything not picked up goes straight to the

TIME: 10am Saturday (if no one shows by 11, we'll assume no one is. If
you need to come during a different time, shoot me an email)

NORD Community Center
It's a large building with basketball courts out front. There will be a
green intrepid parked on the basketball court on saturday. Bang on the
door or just poke your head in.

Same directions as before (as if approaching from Tulane):
  Drive down South Claiborne towards downtown.  Turn Right On Martin
Luther King Blvd. I believe there is a chicken place on your right as
you turn. Drive down MLK approx 3 blocks and turn RIGHT onto Magnolia.
You’ll come to a traffic light. The NORD Center is on your left after
the light…its next to a corner convenience store. I normally park on
the side street next to it so I go one more block down and turn left
down a side street and come back around the side of the building. Call
me if you get lost..I’ll be there already ;-)

It'd put a tear in my eye to throw all this stuff out, so hope to see
you there.


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