Re: [Nolug] converting 486SX - correction

From: John D. Tiedeman <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 15:40:42 -0500
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Chris Reames wrote:

>I know this is a Linux group, but have you thought about a DOS boot disk
>with Edit.
>Its not pretty, but you can import the text file to Word, WordPerfect, Kedit
>Just a thought.
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>On looking again, I found the message was "bad diskette boot record." I
>took out the diskette and it booted, and I found how to bring up notepad
>from the command line. But it takes an awfully long time to boot, then
>bring up Windows 3.1, then bring up anything else--the meeting could be
>half over before I'm ready! So I'd still like to know about a stripped
>version of Linux and where to get it. Or can I extract it from Fedora or
>some earlier Red Hat distro I already have? I do have a "business card"
>version of some other distro, but it's on a little CD-ROM and I have no
>means of reading a CD into the old system (my only external drive is
>USB, which wasn't invented when the Ambra was built).
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>Nolug mailing list
actually I did think of this later. I edited autoexec.bat so that it
calls Edit instead of Windows and the whole thing comes up in 34 seconds
now, which is acceptable. 2 minutes wasn't!

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