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From: Scott Harney <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 15:24:02 -0500
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Scott Harney wrote:
> Dave Prentice wrote:
>> SKREEM!!! I hate having to learn the quirks of a new distro.
>> I'm trying to install K12LTSP, which is based on Fedora 9. As I
>> was going through the install process (from CD) the installation
>> program hung up when it tried to go into graphical mode. I went
>> through in text mode and everything seemed fine, but after reboot it
>> keeps trying unsuccessfully to go graphical. I used to know how to
>> configure X in Redhat by using XConfigurator or XF86Config, but
>> neither of those is present in this distro. Any ideas how to set up X?
>> Hardware is a Dell Optiplex 600 mhz P3 (thanks Paul!) with 256meg
>> RAM, 11 gig drive space, and 8 meg video RAM. The monitor is a regular
>> old HP SVGA.
>> Thanks,
>> Dave Prentice
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> XFree86 -configure

And in case your version of fedora uses Xorg instead of xfree86, do
"Xorg -configure" and see if it gets it going.

Check your logs for X errors. You can also edit /etc/inittab to change
the default runlevel and keep from going into x|g|kdm at boot. Then you
can use startx on the command line to perhaps get a better idea of what
is happening.

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