Re: [Nolug] IRC channels

From: Friedrich Gurtler <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 19:28:35 -0500
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Ron Johnson wrote:

>Naw, couldn't be. College students are all angels. The Man is a

I am not sure what their reasons for blocking VPNs or DNS requests
were. But I am sure they were valid. So valid that after talking with
the network people, they didnt justify it -- they promised to lift
them. I have since given up on running my own DNS server (hey, that
wouldnt have been a good educational experience or anything), and I no
longer to try VPN into Entery.

I am sure there are valid reasons to block IRC; just as there are valid
reasons to block just about anything on the network. Generally
universities tend to have rather open policies towards network use and
only crack down on abusers. Tulane seems to block an awful lot though,
and I am sorry if my use of the word 'nazi' to describe it offended you.

But hey, keep those witty little quips flying. They make everyones day ;-)
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