Re: [Nolug] IRC channels

From: Friedrich Gurtler <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 22:29:32 -0500
Message-ID: <>

-ray wrote:

>network when trying to diagnose a real problem. (Not to mention the
>protection this gives to systems that ARE vulnerable, but the owners don't
>even know their system is running a DNS server). We had to start blocking
>inbound http for the same reasons.
Yeah, I figure the number of people running an unhardened and unpatched
IIS system are far greater than the number of people running a vulerable
version of BIND. I am glad Tulane hasnt gone so far as to block
incomming http requests though.

>The network guys don't sound like nazi's, if they opened the port.
They promised to lift the outgoing Cisco VPN restriction. After the
third reminder/request I just gave up on it.

>After explaining the educational purpose, maybe you could get them to give
>you a static ip and open port 53 to your ip (that's what we do at SLU).
I will contact them and request a static. It should be interesting to
see what they do.

But just curious, how do residential and business high speed access
providers deal with these things? Does Cox block IRC? I know Cox
blocks port 80 on residential modems by default. What else do they
block incoming and outgoing?
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