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Hi Joey.

Paul was a really good guy. He will be missed.


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It is with great sadness that I must report that Paul Taylor died last weekend

as his home. From what I've been told, he spent all day Saturday, July 2,
2005, working at his hunting camp, and apparently suffered heat stroke. He
came home that evening, sat in his easy chair, and never got up. I spent a
short time with his sister and one other family member on Thursday at his
house, where we attempted to get some of his things in order.

I was given a few personal items of his, and will hopefully have something
further to say about these items shortly, as we try to determine his final

Paul hosted the NOLUG server, which is why everything has been down for the
last week. I'm in the process of recovering all of the data and restoring it
to my server in Algiers.

Joey Kelly
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