Re: [Nolug] LUG's in Monroe-Bastrop area

From: Jesse Planck <>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 23:29:22 -0500
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I hung out with the folks at NeLaLUG in the late 90's. Good folks.
Tommy Johnson and I even got to do a interview with the local public
radio once.

Tommy Johnson is in Colorado, so I know the NeLaLUG web site is not
where it used to be. I do know a linux user at ULM named Joe Mansur.
At lot of my old buddies from iAmerica are still around too. There are
enough users in the area for sure.

Most of these freaks hang out in places like Enoch's, CottonPort
Coffee (if it is still there), Joe Mugs, there are a few other places
I can't remember or they are too new for me to know. I'm BCC'ing this
to Joe Mansur... I hope he doesn't mind. Maybe he can tell you if they
still meet.


On 9/17/05, Chris Johnston <> wrote:
> I am staying in Bastrop, La near Monroe and would like to find a LUG nearby to get a copy of Knoppix so I can test my new laptop for Linux compatible hardware. I have no internet access where I am staying. I'm sending this message from my Blackberry.
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