Re: [Nolug] BellSouth Wants to Rig the Internet

From: Kevin Kreamer <>
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 18:20:16 -0600
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Brett D. Estrade wrote:
> Last I thought, Blanco nixed the idea of making a casino zone in
> downtown NO. I have a feeling most you ask are glad she did. At least
> that is one thing in her favor. The schools are another issue, but
> anybody running the NO public schools is better than what was running
> them before.
> Brett

Careful saying "Anyone would be better." I've found that often when
that is said, Murphy miraculously finds someone worse.

As far as the free WiFi, my guess is that it will last only as long as
the politicians can use it to point out that New Orleans is making
progress and thus hopefully raise tax revenues by enticing people to
move back. Eventually, I think that it will either get sold to a
private company, become a paid service of the city, get simply shut down
as not cost-effective, or stay around chronically understaffed and
underfunded like so many other of the city's services.

Cynically yours,

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