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Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 08:00:58 -0500
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This is old news, see below from Cornell. Same guy making the same claims three years ago. I am NOT a geologist but, having run boats between Houston and Pensacola a few hundred times, there is no greater concentration of oil rigs than the area off Morgan City, which is where they place the "new" field. I believe this area has been leased and explored in great detail. The Cornell article focuses on the the Eugene Island phenomenon and the OCS, which we all know has been very productive. Anyway, maybe the butt-heads from Washington will throw us crackers a bone and let us keep some of the royalties so we can build a few levees that might work.....


Trey Fox wrote:
though now that i am looking at the article again....i'm not sure how credible these folks are.

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I couldn't find the article last night but here it is.

.Scientists from the University of Cornell have discovered a massive amount of Oil off the coast of Louisiana.The find is some 60 billion barrels or 3 Times more than current US recoverable Oil of 20 Billion barrels, and would bring US total reserves to 80 billion barrels which is on par with Venezuela.

more here:

I posted it on the site.

Trey Fox

Trey Fox
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