RE: [Nolug] looking for someone to install an Asterisk PBX at my new job

From: John Souvestre <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 19:32:03 -0500
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Hi Simon.

I recently merged my company, Southern Star, with another, Integrated Data
Systems. They do VoIP with Asterisk, among other things.

The best person there to talk with about it is Tommy. You can reach him at

Good luck!


    John Souvestre - Southern Star - (504) 888-3348 -

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Subject: [Nolug] looking for someone to install an Asterisk PBX at my new job

Anyone have experience installing phones systems with Asterisk? I just
started a new job at NOA-TV ( Their phone system
isn't working. I'm told the phone system here has never worked very
well. It's a relatively small office. Maybe 10-15 phones. Voicemail
needed. They have a T1 from cox. So I guess a hardware card from
Digium would be needed to break out a few analog lines from the T1. But
I really know nothing about phone systems. That's why I'm looking for
someone who has experience doing this.

If I can find someone who has experience doing Asterisk based systems,
I'll help you pitch it to my boss and push hard to get you the job.
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