[Nolug] Looking for video editor/web design/graphic design job

From: Simon Dorfman <emaillists_at_simondorfman.com>
Date: Wed, 09 May 2007 11:17:55 -0500
Message-ID: <C2675E65.2FB55%emaillists@simondorfman.com>

Hi NOLUG folks,

NOA-TV and I have parted ways and I'm looking for a new job. Do you know of
any opportunities that might suit me?


P.S.-My resume is attached.
P.P.S.-In case this list doesn't allow attachments, my resume is here:

    =====>  Simon Dorfman
     ====>  Art Director/Owner
      ===>  YamLike Design
     email  Simon@YamLike.com
     phone  504-261-6561
 toll-free  866-YAM-LIKE (866-926-5453)
       fax  866-FAX-A-YAM (866-329-2926)
   address  PO BOX 851007
            NEW ORLEANS, LA 70185
       web  http://www.YamLike.com

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