[Nolug] Gateway ML3109 w/Ubuntu

From: Donnie Cameron <donnie_at_solomonstreet.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 10:24:17 -0400
Message-ID: <24e3b4050709260724q119f10f4m9c006b3ede3fbe05@mail.gmail.com>

Hi All,

I thought you'd be interested in an experience I just had.

My work computer blew up. It overheated and stopped working. I found myself
in the unenviable position of having to acquire a PC immediately (like "get
up and go get a PC right now before you miss too much work"). I had been
thinking about buying a Thinkpad, but I couldn't wait for the delivery. I
needed a laptop immediately. So I resolved to go to Best Buy, purchase the
least expensive computer (desktop or laptop) they had, and use it
temporarily until my Thinkpad came in. I placed the order for the Thinkpad
just before I went to Best Buy.

At Best Buy, the least expensive machine turned out to be a Gateway ML3109
laptop, for $349.99 (no rebates or anything like that). I came home, started
the computer up, and found it to be very slow and full of malware, as I
expected. I took Windows Vista off it, installed Ubuntu Feisty, tinkered for
a few hours to get sound, wifi, and compiz-fusion working, and then I was

The computer is fast. The 3D graphics are fast. I have wobbly windows, cube
rotation, the works. Sound and wifi and almost everything else I've tried
work perfectly well. I am astonished with the excellent performance and
can't understand how a computer like this one can cost $350. How can a
company engineer such a great machine and then configure it so that it is

I canceled my order for the Thinkpad at the last minute, just before they
shipped. Instead, I spent another $110 or so to get more RAM (2GB) for this
cheap laptop. I wouldn't even need the additional RAM, except that I need to
run multiple virtual machines (with windows and linux distros). The $350
laptop is now my main workstation.


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