Nashville Web Charts

I've been searching for years for a way to display musical chord symbols accurately via HTML. By chance I happened upon ASCIIMathML.js some time ago, and managed to come up with what I think is a passable implementation of Nashville notation.

Below is an example of what can be done. To see the markup used to display these chord symbols, use your browser to view the HTML source.

`C` `C/E` `dot F` | `ddot (D^(m7))/G` `G`
`ddot 1` |`dot ((1^o)/3^b)` `1/3` `ddot 4` | `dot (1^(7b5))/4^#` `5^+`

Now we need to find a human-writable markup that, paired with a script, can print MathML to the browser and is database-storable. To that end, I'm posting proof-of-concept code here, written in Perl. Bear in mind that this is alpha code, and things will change. If you come up with chord charts yourself, they will become unusable, and will require changes in order to work with later code.

In order for charts to be displayed correctly, you must use ASCIIMathML.js. Please note that I am not distributing this software, as I did not write it. You can obtain ASCIIMathML.js from the author directly.

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