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Cell Group Ministries

Dr. Robert A. Morey

These are notes from a radio interview of [Dr. Robert A. Morey http://faithdefenders.com] I caught. I always suspected that there was something seriously wrong with cell ministry, and have rejected it and taught against it at every opportunity. My experiences and thoughts will be listed after the notes from Dr. Morey's talk.

Please note: I've inserted some of my own thoughts in with his points. After all, this is my site, blogging my thoughts

 Dr. Robert A. Morey

Cell ministry

Group dynamics

It gets into the church

interesting: Paul Yonggi Cho is from Korea (Dr. Morey didn't mention this, but I remembered this fact; see below)

3 types of cell churches:

Josh McDowell is a humanist (I've heard him preach — he was using words like f-ck and screwed on the platform)


Names he dropped as being part of this conspiracy

Feminization of the gospel

Most of what I know about cell ministry is based on my own observances in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana and also in Atlanta, Georgia, both of which are in the USA.
Bethany World Prayer Center(very big into the G-12 thing as of late)
Christian Life Fellowship(some refer to CLF as a cult)

I was intrigued by the fact that it didn't matter which of these Baton Rouge churches' cell groups one attended: the topics discussed were identical. I never got a straight answer about this, but there has to be some connection between these two churches on a very high level, although no one ever linked them. Is there some sort of plan published for all participating cell ministries to follow (like many denominations do for Sunday school curriculums)?

What kind of control is being exerted over christians involved in cell ministries? How belittled does a cell leader feel when he realizes that he is regarded as unable to hear from God himself, nor to get a word for those looking to him for spiritual guidance? How can so many sincere, well-intentioned christians, simply wanting to know more about the Lord, put up with the cell scam?

Paul (David? Who can keep up?) Yonggi Cho is reported in some circles to be the founder of cell ministry. His church in Seoul claims to have a million members, counted via the cell method. Cho is not born again, as a careful reading of his testimony will bear out. A dear friend of mine from Thailand described to me in detail his experiences while living as a Buddhist monk (he was delivered from demon spirits and wondrously saved through faith in the shed blood of Christ in the mid-80s, and is an evangelist in rice paddy country, last I heard). Cho's testimony reminds me very much of my friend's actions as a monk (details later, perhaps; in short, Cho still meditates in the Buddhist fashion and is in all likelihood demon possessed, as evidenced by his published testimony). Cho has apparently blended his Buddhist practices with Christian theology, mixed with the communist cell techniques, to form the basis of his cell ministry, which he has exported around the globe.