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Christian Bookstores

Most christian bookstores today are in it strictly for the money. While there are a few stores here and there that focus on selling books that will help christians learn about the Lord and His word, most are in the business of selling christian accessories (cards, trinkets, and assorted fluff).

Most of the books sold these days are fad-oriented and will not help the sincere believer at all. Book publishers are to blame, of course, but the bookstores are certainly not innocent in this. I am not opposed to making money off the tools needed for bible study (the laborer is worthy of his hire), but surely the Lord is sickened by the merchandising that has overshadowed the bookstore industry (when did it turn into an industry? it's all about money, I tell you).

How many stores carry lines of books giving missionary accounts these days? Why are the concordances, the commentaries, and the bibles shoved off to a remote corner of the store? Conversely, how many self-help books do we need pushed at us every time we visit a bookstore? It seems that every false doctrine, every pagan idea on the planet that can be veneered with a christian label is hawked by these moneychangers (no, that's too nice a word, methinks).

The fluff books have even crossed over into the secular market, with displays found in supermarkets, Wal-mart, etc.....