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Global Warming

Environmentalism, Gaia, false religion.

Al Gore, carbon credit scam, world will end January 2016. 10-foot sea level rise, polar ice caps melting — Algore is a false prophet (among other evils).

Global cooling, Newsweek 1974, nuclear winter.

Paul R. Ehrlich — many prophecies about the doom of mankind, all failed (e.g. irreversible worldwide starvation by 1972… sound familiar?). Wrote The Population Bomb.

The earth heats by solar radiation. The predominant greenhouse gas is water vapor (any idiot knows that a clear sky in winter means it gets colder, and that a cloudy sky in summer cools the atmosphere). Carbon dioxide contributes little towards global warming. Mt. St. Helens eruption spewed more CO2 (along with H2SO4 and other gases) than all of industrialized humanity did in the previous 100 years. When they tell you that mankind is destroying the earth, they're lying to you.

Even the BBC is releasing stories that demonstrate that the Earth [warms and cools in relation to the Sun's activity http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3869753.stm.

Ice age, little ice age, little climatic optimum (medieval warming period), Maunder minimum, hockey stick graph (thoroughly discredited), no history of catastrophic events. Grapes in England and Iceland, mild winter, external pipes in england, warm climates such as rain forests nurture life and agriculture.

Tuvalu and Maldives (no change in sea level).

Global warming and cooling are cyclical. Mankind isn't causing it.

Environmentalism is a religion, and it's anti-American. I'm not a political commentator, there are others that are far better at it than I am, go listen to them. The reason why they call it a controversy is because not everyone agrees with it. Many disagree. Talk radio and the Internet are your best source of political information. Use them.

Christians KNOW how the world will end. I've been preaching it on this radio station for months. Where is Jesus in this global warming scare? Where was He during the Cold War? The Iron Curtain fell and the Eastern Block went free without a shot being fired. Christians have no business worrying about man-made doomsday scenarios when we KNOW the truth about the end of the world.