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My review of O'Reilly's Linux Server Hacks

This is a wonderful book put out by O'Reilly. I've thumbed through a few of their Hacks books, and like the series very much. The book's webpage is [here http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/linuxsvrhack/index.html], and you can read a few sample tips on that page.

I've read most of the book, and find myself using it often to check a command or syntax for some project I'm working on. To me, a book that gets referred to is better than a book that I read once and don't touch again for years.

I found that the book is useful in that many of the tricks I'd heard about and wanted to learn how to do seemed to be collected in one place for me in an easy-to-read format. I know a fair amount about Unix in general, but I aspire to become a better sysadmin. In fact, the guys I look up to and want to emulate seem to know and use many of the techniques explained in this book. I know it sounds corny, but the hacks in this book seem to be exactly the type of tips I've been looking for. I know there are other books (and free sites on the web) available, but in my opinion, this book is well worth the cover price.