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The Pro-Life Movement

Note: I am not pro-life.

I am critical of the pro-life movement because it is highly political in nature and cloaks itself in spiritual terms in order to fool conservative Christians into voting a certain way, and causes many to take up misguided political activism. I do not believe that those leading the movement are honest about their true goals, and as such, I cannot in good faith participate in it.

Debate silenced by politics

The term pro-life is purely a political idea, and as such, you run afoul of the political police if you dare think for yourself about the issue.

Make no mistake, abortion as generally practiced today is murder. The idea that killing your baby is a socially-acceptable means of covering up your sin of immorality is repulsive to any normal, well-adjusted person. Two wrongs do not under any circumstances make a right.

The abortion debate does not belong in the political arena; however, a person's stance on the issue is generally a good barometer of where they stand on a myriad of other political questions (e.g., those believing in a woman's right to kill her baby invariably also lean hard left, hate Bush, are against the war, etc.).

Take politics out of abortion and you're left with the ability to rationally discuss whether a mother's life should be forfeit should she be forced to carry her child to term. Obviously the answer in such a case is for the woman's doctor to take the necessary steps to insure that at least one of the patients survives under his care. Other special cases can also be addressed as needed, again in consultation with the family physician.