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My posts on the nolug list:

SpamAssassin's homepage: http://spamassassin.org.

A Guide to Writing your own Add-On Rules for SpamAssassin

How to integrate SpamAssassin with your MTA

Using Amavis-new to pipe through SA

Direct link to the VirusBounceRules page: http://www.exit0.us/index.php/VirusBounceRules (here's a more up-to-date page)

Way cool procmail recipe to nuke malware: http://agriroot.aua.gr/~nikant/nkvir/

Windows-bound? Try SAproxy.

Other options for fighting spam

My ideal layered approach would be:

  • postfix with postgrey and clamav
  • sane RBLs (I do this already with sendmail)
  • spamassassin
  • that deal that scans for embedded URLs in spam
  • attachment filtering of banned extensions
  • intelligent procmail recipes, see above
  • host-based antivirus scanning

What I've implemented so far...

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